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Meet Marcus

Pastor, Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Motivational Speaker

Marcus McAllister of “McAllister Consultancy and Training” is a nationally known speaker, consultant, and expert in the field of violence interruption. Since 2005, his work as a former National Trainer for Cure Violence, has helped the organization achieve its worldwide accolades, which includes being one of the top 9 global NGO and the number 1 NGO focused primarily on violence prevention.

From My Work

These are just some of the amazing teams I have worked with over the years from all over the world.


appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for the Golden Rule by the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative


Recipient of the W.A.R.R.I.O.R.S. award from the King of Kings Foundation


Congressional of Special Recognition for dedication to the success of 'Cure Violence'


Proclamation from the Council City of New York for outstanding achievements in helping others lead lives free from drugs and violence



“Marcus McAllister is a master trainer who utilizes a culturally competent and sensitive approach to provide training and technical assistance in the field of community violence intervention.  His impact has touched the lives of thousands of individuals around the world.”

Dr. Chico Tillmon

Executive Director

Heartland Alliance

Cediel headshot_edited.jpg

“Marcus brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the work of community violence intervention.  He has the ability to walk into virtually any city and build credibility and trust with key stakeholders.”

Dr. Antonio Cediel
Managing Director

Live Free U.S.A.

Michael-Sean Spence Cropped_edited.jpg

“McAllister Consultancy & Training has leveraged decades of frontline experience and technical expertise to serve as a reliable partner and advisor for the Everytown Community Safety Fund and the gun violence prevention movement at-large.”

Michael Sean Spence, esq

Senior Director

Community Safety Initiatives

Everytown for Gun Safety

What I Do


  • Management 101 “Keys to successfully managing a Violence Prevention Program

  • Management Protocols for a Violence Prevention Team

  • Conflict Mediation Techniques

  • Community engagement for a Violence Prevention Team

  • Professionalism for Credible Messenger Staff

  • Public Health Approach to Violence

  • Community mobilization techniques

  • Communication Techniques in dealing with high-risk population

  • Developing a risk reduction plan

  • Engaging high-risk population

  • How to Create a violence reduction strategy

  • Mapping and block by block analysis of targeted high-risk neighborhood

  • Roles and responsibilities of Outreach Workers & Violence Interrupters

  • Burn-Out

  • Anticipating and detecting violence on the front end.

  • The violence prevention movement History “yesterday, today, & the future”



  • How to start a violence prevention program

  • Lessons learned from running a violence prevention program

  • Budgeting for a violence prevention site

  • Adapting the public health approach to violence for your respective city/country

  • Assessment on-site visits to speak with potential stake holders & see what’s in place

  • The role of government & or city officials

  • What an RFP should entail

  • Potential funding streams

  • The various violence prevention models


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